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            The Fields Institute

            Dalla Lana School of Public Health

  • Symposium Program


     The program consists of special invited lectures, invited presentations and contributed posters.
     Special Invited Lectures

    Distinguished Speaker


    Presentation Title

    Chen, Jiahua

    University of British Columbia

    Quantile and quantile function estimations under density ratio model

    Chen, Minghui

    University of Connecticut

    Bayesian inference for multivariate meta-analysis Box-Cox transformation models for individual patient data with applications to evaluation of cholesterol lowering drugs

    Dean, Charmaine

    University of Western Ontario

    Joint analysis of multivariate spatial count and zero-heavy count outcomes using common spatial factor models

    Evans, Michael J.

    University of Toronto

    Inferences derived via a definition of statistical evidence based on relative belief

    Fu, James C.

    University of Manitoba

    Finite Markov chain imbedding approximation

    Lee, J. Jack

    MD Anderson Cancer Center

    Adaptive designs for efficient drug development and improving patient outcomes

    Léger, Christian

    University of Montréal

    Pseudo-population bootstrap methods for imputed survey data

    Lin, Xihong

    Harvard School of Public Health

    Joint analysis of SNP and gene expression data in genetic association studies of complex diseases

    Meng, Xiao-Li

    Harvard University

    The potential and perils of preprocessing: Explore distributed sufficiency

    Rivest, Louis-Paul

    Université Laval

    Dealing with heterogeneity in capture-recapture experiments

    Wang, Jane-Ling

    University of California, Davis

    Standard error estimation in the EM algorithm when joint modeling of survival and longitudinal data

    Wang, Naisyin

    University of Michigan

    Regularized estimation for ordinary differential equations with applications

    Banquet Speaker


    Lin, Dennis

    Penn State University

    BIGstat@IC^2SA (I. C squared. S. A.)


    Invited Presentations
    (confirmed speakers and session organizers)

    Jiguo Cao, University of Western Ontario: Interpretable functional principal component analysis

    Philip Cheng, Academia Sinica:  On robust mean imputation

    Zhaoshi Fan, Memorial University of Newfoundland:  Censored quantile regression with auxiliary covariates

    Zeny Feng, Univeristy of Guelph:  A novel 2-step strategy for genetic association analysis with multiple longitudinal traits

    Xin Gao, York University: Inference based on Non-parametrics, Pseudo likelihood or High-order Asymptotics

    Wenqing He, University of Western Ontario: Inference based on Non-parametrics, Pseudo likelihood or High-order Asymptotics

    Yi-Ting Hwang, National Taipei University:  An adjustment of the area under the ROC curve based on ordered restricted inference methods

    Wenyu Jiang, Queen's University:   Nonparametric testing methods for treatment-biomarker interaction based on local partial likelihood

    Pengfei Li, University of Waterloo:  Semiparametric inferences in the unordered pairs problem

    Michelle Liou,  Academia Sinica:  Phase-randomization in functional MRI time series analysis

    Wei Liu, York University: Inference for comparing a multinomial distribution with a known standard

    Xuewen Lu, University of Calgary:  Dimension reduction for survival regressions with current status data

    Paul Y.  Peng, Queen's Univeresity: A new marginal approach to model clustered survival data with a cure  fraction

    Jianan Peng, Acadia University: A step-up test procedure to find the minimum effective dose

    Xiaoping Shi, York Universit: Saddlepoint approximation of nonlinear moments

    Min Tsao, University of Victoria: Extending the empirical likelihood by domain expansion

    Xikui Wang, University of Manitoba: The variance-penalized criteria for response adaptive designs

    Ruodu Wang, University of Waterloo: Empirical likelihood tests for high-dimensional data

    Amy Wu, York University: Efficient estimation of nonparametric spatial models with general correlation structures

    Changbao Wu, University of Waterloo: Empirical Likelihood Methods

    Lang Wu, University of British Columbia: Order restricted inference with missing data

    Yichao Wu, North Carolina State University:  Automatic structure recovery for additive models

    Fang Yao, University of Toronto:  Dimension reduction for sparse functional data via cumulative slicing estimation functional data

    Yangqing Yi, Memorial University of Newfoundland:  The optimal design of response adaptive clinical trials with multiple objectives

    Hao Yu, University of Western Ontario:  An R package parspatstat for large-scale spatial analysis with parallel computing

    Leilei Zeng, University of Waterloo:  Methods for misclassified covariate due to current status observation scheme

    Ying Zhang, Acadia University: Inference of trends in time series using rank based statistics based methods

    Yang Zhao, University of Regina:  Generalized unified approach for longitudinal data with data missing in nonmonotone patterns

    Julie Zhou, University of Victoria: D-optimal minimax fractional factorial designs

    Contributed Posters
    Call for Papers:  Abstracts are being solicited for lightning talks (SPEED e-posters).  A presenter will give a 3-5 minute oral summary of the paper, and display his/her e-poster during the time scheduled.   Students and post-doctoral fellows are particularly encouraged to participate.  The deadline for abstract submission is June 25th, 2013.